Sunday, March 18, 2007

What's Up Here

It has been very quiet on this Blog for the last month. I have been very busy with my daytime job, and besides that, lots of activities in the family life.
On the Web-front, my activities have been focused on Google Maps, and I built a great application to map my families travels to and through the United States next summer.

And ofcourse my curiousity has wandered around the web, where I discovered the great power of Wiki's. And I noticed the great potential of Wiki's in supporting you, my readers, in finding usefull tips and tricks, and sharing knowledge about Blogger. You see, more than 400 people are now subscribed to the feeds of this Blog. Isn't that what we call a Webcommunity?

So I started to build a Beautiful Beta Wiki, that will contain a Knowledge Base that is ripped from the Weblog, and a Forum where you can post questions, and help other people to improve their Blogs. And this Wiki will be open to you all, so that you can make contributions to the Knowledge Base and the Forum.

So let me know if you like to participate in this Beautiful Beta Wiki, and I will give you notice as soon as it is released.