Monday, April 22, 2013

Submit XML Sitemap for Blogspot

Google finally released an XML sitemap for blogspot. Usually to indexed quickly, you are prompted to put atom.xml or RSS Feed to Google Webmaster Tools. With the release of XML sitemap for blogger, now you can work more easily. But is valid only for Blogspot, not for Custom Domain.

Blogger has been providing a wide range of new features, including a New look of Blogger HTML editor. The new look aims to make it easier for blogspot users to edit HTML. And unbeknownst to the public, Google has released an XML Sitemap for blogspot, and it is very beneficial for us. Because the XML sitemap will inform all existing blog URLs to search engines. And information structure created by this sitemap, will give employees full information to the search engine crawlers, so this is our advantage over a blog article that quickly indexed by Google.

After Blogger XML Sitemap released, of course we had to put it to Google Webmaster Tools, as we usually do to speed up the search engine Google indexed all blog articles. So how do I make a sitemap? Blogger will create anXML sitemap for Blogspot. To access the sitemap, you only need to type your blog url and ends with sitemap.xml, for example:

How to put XML Sitemap into Google Webmaster Tools?

How to submit Blogspot sitemap using sitemap.xml Sitemap, go to >> choose Sitemap menu >> add sitemap.xml
Finally glad to Release Blogger XML Sitemap, so you do not have to bother using the feed url and atom.xml again, simply submit your blogspot sitemap.xml, and it already represents all the information available in the blogspot url companions. Hope it helps and useful.

New Look on Blogger HTML Editor

Blogger HTML Editor now changed since April 9, 2013. With the presence of a new look, Blogger automatically adds the latest features to pamper the users.

The following is the new look of Blogger HTML editor.

Some of the changes, including:

1. Expand Widget Templates removal, because all the tags are generated or is not hidden as before
2. Adding "Jump to widget" button, this is making easier to edit the widget.
3. Preview Template Editor is now integrated with it, like Macromedia Dreamweaver
4. Adding "Revert Changes" button, to restore the code that we edit
5. Using "SyntaxHighligter" (colors code), to facilitate the editing code.
6. Adding the "Format template", to compile and tag code added.
7. Using Collapse system to display the hidden code, characterized by "►"
8. Adding Ctrl + Shift + F and Ctrl + Shift + R functions

I think the new look of Blogger HTML Editor is increasingly easier to understand the structure of a Blogger template.

How to find Expand Template function, if this function has been removed?

Refer back to points 1 and 7 above. You just need to expand the code by clicking on the mark "►". For example, you want to look for CSS, CSS is actually there, just click  ► on <b:skin> ... </ b: skin>

It takes time to learn new look of Blogger HTML editor. Keep learning!!