Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Get the New BlogToc Hack!

It is new. It is working with the speed of light. It is AJAX-based. It is BlogTOC.
BlogTOC is my new Blogger Table Of Contents Hack. Its extremely easy to install. It shows a Table of Contents with Post Titles, Post Dates and Labels. Hovering your mouse over the Post Title triggers a Pop Up with a summary of your post.
If you click the column headers, the TOC will be sorted any way you like: by Title (ascending or descending), and by Date (oldest first or newest first).

In my right sidebar, you will see a "Show TOC" -link. Click it to display the TOC. Click it again, and the TOC disappears in cyberspace! If that isn't magic!

It is now on this Blog in beta version, so please test it here and give your feedback. Planned developments are:
  • Filtering of labels
  • Adding custom CSS classes
  • A Beautiful Beta Installer
So check back the next few weeks!