Monday, October 9, 2006

Designing Templates Tutorial

In our new Beta Blogosphere there is a tremendous shortage of good templates. And as Beta is quite different from Classic Blogger, the richly available Classic templates need a thorough hoal-over to be fit for Beta.

So I decided to design a new template from scratch, and to turn this into making a tutorial in the same time.

For this purpose, I set up a new blog for making A New Blog Design.

In this Blog I will start out with just a simple blog, the way we all started. I will strip it completely from all CSS, and then the real work starts. We'll build a completely personalized Blog using HTML, Blogger Widgets, CSS, and some of the most popular hacks available for Beta. We'll do it in small steps, so that you can keep track with the things that are happening.

And - really Web2.0 - you can participate in the Blog Design by giving tips and ideas, and by posting your requests.

So, hook yourself up to A New Blog Design, and follow my proceddings, and let's make Blogger swing & dance!