Saturday, October 14, 2006

Whish List

Wordpress seems to be a big example to bloggers that visit Beautiful Beta, as many requests and wishes have to do with Wordpress-like functionality. So why not convert to Wordpress then? Never mind.....

Here you will find a collection of all the wishes and ideas that were dropped here, that could be developed for Blogger Beta. Feel free to contribute, or point out solutions to these wishes.

Calender navigation
Navigate your posts by clicking on the date in a Calendar that is in the sidebar of your Blog.

Peek-A-Boo Comments under the post
At the bottom of the post there should be a "N Comments" link. If you click on this link, the comments should be displayed below the post, without going to the Item page. Clicking again should hide the comments. As an add-on, unread comments should be displayed as "N new comments".

Random link text in Peek-A-Boo posts
Some users want a different "Read More" text on every post.