Thursday, May 23, 2013

Adding Contact Form Widget For Blogspot

For blogspot users, maybe when you want to add a contact form, you use EmailMeForm, FoxyForm, etc.. Now you do not need to use it again. Because Blogger has now officially released the Contact Form Widget. Although I see myself still no third parties on this widget, but at least with this new widget simplify your job.

Some features of this contact form widget is a notification widget when the user not filling his name, the email is not correct, or empty messages, which is definitely a notification that a message has been sent. Email will be sent to the owner of the blog, via email listed when creating a blog.

For those of you who want to install this widget contact form is very easy. You just add the widget as usual. Then select more gadgets.

Now contact form widget appears on your blog. You can put a contact form widget anywhere, either in the sidebar or footer, depending on your taste.

This contact form you can also place it on a static page, for example on page or post. I will explain in the next post. See you.

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